February 27 2013 *Pisces


The funny thing about the sky right now, is that it doesn’t really matter,
if nothing all that strange is going down, it will still feel surreal.
The more surreal things get, focus on what grounds you.

Get in your body.
Work out, sports, have sex, run, hula, dance.
Move around. It will help, I promise.

Doesn’t that seem the most unreal thing ever?
Or the most real thing?


Meaningless, imbued with meaning, either way, have another drink…
KIDDING (fishy jokes) Stay in your breathing, but let your mind float free,
it’s gotta float…
Watch a movie! Yeah! Do it! Pisces season is made for movies!
I think all movies are better this time of year.
The glitter is brighter, and the camera angles more soft.


There may not SEEM be anything all that strange happening,
but in a way there is… Pisces dissolves…

How much can you let go of?

What would you do if you thought you could?
The boundaries will come back later,
and you don’t want to wake up in the wrong bedroom,
or at the bottom of a well…
But what would you do if you were dreaming?
If you thought no one could see you?

You know that dream, that movie, where you are invisible,
and you get to do as you like?

Pisces knows! You may surprise yourself!
Keep your pants on! Or, err don’t!

Either way the fish gotta swim,
and dreams are the stuff life is made of…

Love YOU!!!!


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