February 26, 2013


In Virgo Full Moon/ Pisces Chiron/Merc Retro style,
I had more typos in my Chiron Post than in the last 6 months put together,
and as you loyal readers know, that’s a freakin’ lot!


I’ma just tiptoe over here to a nice dark quiet place, a musical clock made of stars


It’s post Full Moon in Virgo, but the ante is still high, do not ignore this sign.
Not this one or any other. Messages show up with Pisces in the sky.
Don’t freak though, just chillax… (blushes)
There is time enough to figure things out, one by one

Venus moves in to Pisces,
and our Pisces Party is nearly complete.
Venus/Neptune: it’s on!
Rose colored glasses? Can you pick me up some?
‘Cause this through a glass darkly is hurting my eyes!

Phew! Thanks Cat Power!

Love YOU!!!



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