February 25, 2013 Chiron Activate!


I’ve been itching to write about about Mickey Avalon for days,
Yeah, that Mickey Avalon, Mr OTT, Ridic Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll

Today with the full Moon in Virgo,
where all of our imperfections are hi-lighted,
and with extra help from Chiron and the crew in Pisces,
I may as well go for it!

If y’all hate me now, we can agree I had it coming! hahaha

See I love Mickey and without even looking at his birth chart,
I knew here is a man who works his Chiron:
The flaws, the imperfections, the in your face embarrassments,
those are his stock in trade.

Chiron works a little like this:

Chiron can be that part of you that clings like a shadow. That bit that you cringe to see in someone else. In fact, the more you can open your heart to those people who trigger the:
“You know, I used to be like that, but not anymore….”

…… the more comfortable you get with the unwanted/unlovable/ugly/outcast that in someway you used to be, or even the simple, implausible hopes you used to have, the stuck up way you acted as a pure defense…. whatever it is…

There is some part of ALL of us that we wish no one would ever have to see.
It is by loving and accepting that part of ourselves,
that we strengthen our Chiron, and by loving others, where we see that flaw in them,
accepting it openly, as a part of humanity.

Love with absolutely no condescension to others or to ourselves.

Chiron is a unique weakness, and a powerful strength.
That’s the bridge between Uranus and Saturn.

The 8 year transit of Chiron through Pisces is a chance for everyone to accept the strength inherent in our imperfections. It is because Zach Condon broke his arm and couldn’t play guitar, that he learned to play just about every other instrument! Now who would imagine that anyone ANYONE would ever ever put Zach Condon and Mickey Av in the same article! Chiron indeed!

An open heart, via Pisces, is available today to those who suddenly see their own flaws, (Virgo Full Moon) and the flaws in everyone else.

For those who don’t know about Mickey, his persona may be a shtick,
but it is not a put on!
Mr Avalon is from the street.
Born Yeshe Perl, Mickey is a Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius.
The whole shebang supported by trines fron Jupiter and Chiron in Aries!
The man is going to say what he is going to say!

Mickey’s Chiron also opposes an out of sign conjunction of Venus and Uranus (surprise! not!) in Scorpio and Libra. Chiron squares his Saturn in Leo, and opposes his Pluto.

I don’t have a birth time for Mickey Av, but my money is on Capricorn Asc.
Or wait, maybe LEO, (hair!) and a first house Leo Saturn?
You ever listen to those lyrics? He’s got Saturn for days!

The ship’s sinkin’ and the captain’s asleep
Now I’ve been steady drinkin’ since New Year’s Eve
I’ve got a whole lotta nothin’ but it’s all for me
savin’ my pennies for the lottery…
…and that’s just ’cause I was born to die
and it’s with much love that I say goodbye

I solve the catch 22 with the Colt .45
when the rent’s due and there’s nowhere to hide
So where do you go when your soul is rotten?
I’ma get high till I hit rock bottom

All or nada
through Hell and high water
gotta do what I gotta
I’ma get high till I hit rock bottom

-And it’s all the same when they call my name
Mickey Avalon, hustler hall of fame
There ain’t no ball and chain, to hold me down
Got a golden smile and a platinum frown

His songs read like an exact marriage of Sagittarius. and Cap.
His Mars is in Gemini = the cleverness!
Lottery Tickets!? Sagittarius! What?!

Here is his biggest hit, a straight up cheezeball number about the ladies:

Happy Chiron!



the name of his side project with Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy:
Dyslexic Speedreaders!
according to wiki: In March 2007, Avalon was booed off the stage while opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, in Oklahoma City….The next day, Red Hot Chili Peppers lead guitarist John Frusciante wrote a letter to the band’s fans in Oklahoma City, accusing them of booing Avalon for personal issues, and having a lack of “regard for humanity.”

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