February 24, 2014


No amount of money can either provide or prevent feeling rich.
I feel rich when I can say yes.

Although saying no might afford some people the same luxury.

The Sun trines Jupiter
He moves off Neptune, and toward Chiron
(shhh don’t talk about that yet)

It’s the Dark of the Moon,
but here in Pisces it’s already dark…
swim with the fishes.
What would you do if you thought no one could see?

Sharp undercurrent of power plays & both legal and $ dynamics
That edge is keen,

it runs in contrast, the way lightning brakes up a soft blue sky,
sudden late afternoon storms
jagged rocks in the river

still flowing though

Capricorn Moon suggests you keep it on the level…
it’s not a mistake to admit you feel vulnerable,
it might enable you to have the right conversation.
It’s a mistake to put yourself in a position of weakness though…
totally different animal… a defensive posture = that feels weak.

Venus square Mars,
negotiation, do you thrive on conflict or do you hate it?

Dreaming up business plans?
Family responsibility?

Dreams are real life though, as real as anything else you experience.
Dreams are the seeds. Without a seed, no plant all.

Faith comes in to play this week on a slew of different levels

Love YOU!!!


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