February 23, 2015


Pisces Sun
square Sagittarius Saturn

Taurus Moon

square Aquarius Mercury

Aries Venus conjunct Aries Mars
trine Sagittarius Saturn

SargentYoung Man

It’s pretty gravity.

The conversations that matter.
Moving ahead now, you can’t not…

What you know will be put to use.
Make that you,
you be the one using the information.

Saturn in Sagittarius points up the need to be learning,
to be teaching & learning all the right things…

Mercury still in the shadow zone, tech glitches and obvious slips,
these are delays not true detours.

The Sun is close to Neptune,
close, closer…

Uranus square Pluto


This unavoidable piece of my childhood came to mind.

Wow did we ever listen to that at my house!!

The earnestness!
Or even the pre-fab ~necessary in order to be cool~ earnestness!

The 70’s = a residual gritty optimism,
I’m going to put that down to Neptune in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra.
(optimistic dreams of Brotherhood + Relationship Equality)

These days Pluto in Capricorn + Neptune in Pisces….
what have we here now?

The destruction of hierarchy & beautifully possible/impossible dreams?
Which are they!?!?

Possible more often than not.

The current juxtapositions are immense.
~just do the work~

Saturn in Sagittarius wants slow growth.
Please don’t let that stop you.

As John Crowley reminds us in Little, BIG

~”Oney the brave,” said Fred, “jes’ oney the brave deserves the fair”~

Love YOU!!!



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