February 23, 2013


Pisces Sun, Leo Moon,

I was going to write a post on embracing your North Node,

Which, unless you luckily have it nearby a friendly planet,
is less like embracing and more like working out.

North Node Stuff is HARD.
Hard like a Taurus giving you their whole supper,
and watching you eat it while they have nothing!
Hard like a Capricorn playing babysitter, while you close the deal
they’ve been setting up for months now, No $ No recognition, NADA.

Howev’s, North Node work will reward you as nothing else will.
Not with love and kisses, (you still get a kick in the teeth,) BUT,
and this is HUGE, you also get progress.
Things line up for you, you do get where you are going,
you can almost hear an audible click as things move in to place

We are not here to talk about North Nodes tonight,
Not really, Pisces = Longing

for longing we must have music

…It’s not the lover that we love, but love
itself, love as in nothing, as in O;
love is the lover’s coin, a coin of no country,
hence: the ring; hence: the moon…

– Don Paterson


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