February 22, 2013


The multiplicity that is Pisces!
If you’ve got a feeling, follow it and see where it goes!

The Moon will tip over in to Leo for the weekend!
Fantasy, Drama:
Give yourself an outlet, a party or some way to play.
Playing is underrated! Play Every Day!

Mercury is turning around
and a Full Moon in Virgo is building

Be wary of guilt, it’s the weapon of cowards,
AND a tip off as to what you do need to address

If you feel guilty, why is that,
and how can you change your life to feel free?
What is that guilt buying you?
How would you like to pay?

Sorry!!! I’m a jerk like that sometimes, BUT,
as the lights come up for the Virgo Full Moon,

What are you frightened of knowing?
What will you have to change about your life if you know it?

I’ve linked this video before, but here it it is again in case you want it

I seem to have made a whole slew of Pisces Vids, must be the Neptune in me!

Let me extrapolate a bit to open up some ideas of seduction:

A very common seductive idea is the “I’m not good enough” it get can you off the hook immediately. If you are not good enough you are free to go! Why even try?!
That crew is a large family actually, they have “it never works out” and “nobody likes me” You know these guys, they give you a free pass to mope and not to care.

How about this one? “No one understands my greatness” tres seductive, and a classic for Saturn escape artists, often the two go together, and where they meet, you are all alone, or maybe you can have a sidekick, his job is to tell you how right you are.

So the good ones, those can support you, but the bad ones… well watch out!



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