February 21, 2013


The further in we go, the bigger it gets.
The symbolism seems so rich as to be incomprehensible.

The messages are clear enough, for people who like messages
Still, there is a lot to take on faith

We are at the point of the story,
where the young heroine has been betrayed (so she thinks)
by her lover, and she must decide on her own if she will be true…

For what reasons and at what cost can not be measured,
it is just that: immeasurable

She must be true to her heart, to her faith,
and not judge the worth of anything or anyone pound for pound,
a pound of gold, and a pound lead, a pound of feathers,

Is flight what is wanted? Escape?

Is she Beauty when she is in bed with a Beast?
Is she?


Who is he… Which is harder to endure, that he may be a Beast, or may not?
Oh hope of all hopes,
Surely he looked like a Prince in the night,
Where is that night?

The worth of things that can’t be measured.
Virgo is hit the hardest here.

You can’t know, only trust,
and if you lose, don’t lose the myth,

All of us in the midst of a fairy tale,
it may be worth imagining which one is it, and even who is spinning the yarn…

When the Evil Queen forces you into the Dark Wood,


Isn’t that where you find the strength that will someday soon overcome her,
The sword, the magic cloak,
Isn’t the dark woods where the Ugly Hag
and the Misshapen Man come to your aide,
They give you the key you will need when the time comes,
the words that release your bonds.

Not yet they don’t. It’s early in the story, but it will get late.

The Dark Wood,
lost and perhaps forsaken,
sure that the huntsman will carve out your heart,
you go to transform under cover of night.

Oh there they are! Here I am! Is there anyone in the dream who is not you?
Could there be?

To find yourself, lost.

Love YOU!!!


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