February 20, 2016




Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn trine Mars/Uranus,
How is your New Life going?

How serious are the ramifications?
Pretty serious, right?
and yet, can you laugh about it?

Where is your perspective?
Right here.

A new perspective emerges,
as you begin to let go of your old world view, as you relinquish the constant unspoken comparison to ‘How things used to be’.

We are about to arrive in the center of exactly where we are, and nowhere else.
It’s a little scary, and a lot beneficial.

You will see more of this on Sunday as the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces washes away the past and brings New Messages to the forefront.

Watch and see.
I’ll have a post on that New Moon Eclipse asap!

Love YOU!!!!



Pisces Season officially arrived over the weekend! Happy Birthday Pisces!!!!
May all your dreams come true! No, no, let me rephrase that, may all your good dreams come true!!!


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  1. Elizabeth Biron says:

    Thanks Omie! Love these!

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