February 18, 2014


Give yourself a difficult job today:
It’s more fun if you are frustrated for a reason.
The Moon in Libra brings about a Cardinal Grand Cross.

I dreamed about car crashes,
when I woke up,
I smashed my hand inside a heavy metal griddle,
hard to explain, but it fell on my hand, and pinned it.
not quite broken,
Less than 5mins later I poured boiling water straight over my thumb,
& I didn’t feel it a bit.*

Now that is some kind of magic…
my thumb only looks slightly pink!

Welcome to your season!

It’s dreamy alright,
but what kind of dream?!
Be Careful.

Pulled in different directions.
Make some choices.
Follow through.

You are the commander.

yeah you are.
No one else will tackle it.
dig in.


Love YOU!!!


*Uranus is in aspect to my Mars/Merc conjunction,
for me it’s so often hands!

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2 Responses to February 18, 2014

  1. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday Me – not! the hard work/job was fitting it around black treacle-like pain in my veins in the shape of uninvited selk-serving parents and erstwhile partner (i also ‘like’ the fact that parent and partner are almost anagrams.. definitely parent fits in partner…therein lies…) and a very unwelcoming Maite D’ at the restaurant i agonised over choosing. Wrong! (again). Natal Chiron conjunct Sun seems impossibly hard at times…or is it something else in the cupboard??!

    ps I dreamt of a mad man with a bread knife and I (and my paperwork) escaped down a rubbish chute (tho we have very few of those in the UK!) and second dream was seeing my very difficult father at his handsomest best, in a smart long black padre’s tunic a la the Vatican – was I supposed to try to see him at his physical and spiritual best, before he dies (recent op for stomach cancer), despite no signs of contrition, change, real love and all other signs otherwise to the contrary (and for many years)? Alas it failed 🙁 if so….but Pisces, MAYBE, (maybe) alters the flow…

    • o_lightning says:

      AWWW! Janet that sounds rough. I vote for a re-do. It’s never too late in the year to enjoy a happy birthday. <3
      Makes sense to dream of your father as representative of an unyielding structure, even at his best... I'm so sorry.
      Mercury retro back in Aquarius is jolting, and the Pisces Sun brings the waves. Sending much love. xo

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