February 18, 2013


Happy Birthday Pisces!!!

The Sun is in PISCES, and so is everything else!!!!
Neptune, Mars and Mercury and Chiron!


Venus is Aquarius gives us a little distance,
Sorely needed!
Use it. Keep your values rational while you swim

Venus is the periscope up!


The Moon and Jupiter are Gemini


and as we may have mentioned,
Saturn Turns Around
You may be considering not only WHAT, but WHO you OWE,

~Death by a thousand paper-cuts!~

Don’t go overboard on the guilt thing,
Either theirs or yours.
The ability to do someone a favor, and to accept a favor, it’s a gift.
A present you give to each other.

2 Fish, two directions.


Despite Saturn Turning today,
it’s not really time to dive deep.
Instead, chin up, and tap into your dreams,
according to Joe Jackson,
-You can’t get what you want ’till you know what you want
That pesky devil is in the details,

Today, dream them,

…then talk to friends and make contacts.
Gemini and Aquarius do want to work in concert with others,
just don’t breathe down their neck,
or step on their feet while you’re dancing…

Space, Co-operation, and entertainment!
With this much Pisces we must have FANTASY!
Fantasy or BUST!

Your creativity (Pisces) is a fountain,
and where it hits the earth (Virgo)
you can grow the most beautiful fruits and flowers.

(that is if you remember how to rake and weed!)


p.s. Our poster girl Drew, is natch a Pisces.
Sun, Venus, and Jupiter.
The Moon and Saturn in Crab,
Gemini Asc, and Merc. in Aqua.
She’s got the power Mars in Cap.<3


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