February 17, 2016


~ For we human beings are used to inappropriate things; we are accustomed to the clatter of the incongruous; it is a tune to which we can go to sleep. If one appropriate thing happens, it wakes us up like the pang of a perfect chord. – G. K. Chesterton~

How True!


The Moon moves from Gemini to Crab today,
catching an inconjunct from a Newly Aquarian Venus along the way. Zing!

We are in a transitory state, working toward a sustainable future.
Saturn trines Uranus, whatever else it may be, it IS real!

Very few pegs fit in their holes with any precision, but there can be some pleasurable friction,
as constructs, paradigms, and principles are leveraged toward a new shape.

The balance of power swings wide like the boom on a ship.
Watch your head, and enjoy the change!

Love YOU!!!


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