February 15, 2013


Backyard Bill!! Represent!
This is Kelsey Lu McJunkins, and she is a Taurus!

Backyard Bill is one of my all time fav fasion photographers/bloggers
I love it that he always asks for people’s sign and what they are listening to!

**The Moon is in Taurus. Pleasure is the name of the game.**
All weekend you have my express permission to enjoy yourself!
Get a massage, have sex, eat your comfort favorite foods,
snuggle up on the couch, soft lights, soft clothes,
be outside in nature if you can at all…

Listen to music that makes you feel good,
but above all be in your BODY
Taurus Moon is physical, and wants physical pleasures.

This is my bootyshakin song these days, what’s yours?

P.O.S!!!! <3 (He's a Leo Sun, Aries Moon! Hott Hott Hottness! Cancer Mars, upping the cuteness factor!right?! And Virgo Merc, supplying the socially conscious lyrics.) Let go, breathe deep…
as Saturn slows down, and the sky fills with water…
Pisces Sun on Monday…
there are some things that just have to work themselves out over time.




what about This Meteor!!!

We are officially living in the future!
Aquarius Much!? Uranus in Aries square Jupiter and Pluto?!

Love YOU!!!!

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