February 13/14, 2017











Libra Moon Opp. Aries Mars for Valentines Day.
Cardinal T-Square Moon/Mars/Retro-Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto

That’s action, and with it, emotion.

What kind of New Life are you building in the center of your old life and what does it require?

We keep trying to project out to the future, well aware that at any moment we may be surprised, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are already surprised.

Surprised is part of the new normal. A provisional acceptance of current conditions with the idea that they are changing, and some as yet, for us personally, may even improve, or crash, or improve… or crash, or you know it.
It’s an evolution with a host of variables.

We are becoming faster than we can document our changes.
We are the un-watched pot, boiling away while our eyes turn to see what is already in play.

We are the invisible hand at the center of our own churn, seeming to respond, and we do respond, steering our ship round the swirls and eddies, sending a life-ring out, and catching another, making waves as we go.

We are in the space between Eclipses now.

Our lives are evolving at a faster than usual rate.
Strange as it seems, it’s a growth spurt, of a kind.

What shapes are we becoming?

Events, and plenty of them. Coping with choices already made.
Karma in action. So much to do.

Love YOU!!!!


Don’t forget the joy of connection to another living creature, and the thrill of discovery.
There are freedoms in these disruptions, and you deserve them.

I know you won’t forget the fear snaking through the walls, an undercurrent.
How wise are you to disregard it?

But then again, what are you going to do, buy it a cookie?
What has fear ever done for you?



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