February 12, 2016



There is no new normal, which may be a relief.

Best move around today.
Nobody wants to be tethered more than they have to.
Aries Moon conjunct Uranus and trine Saturn.
Scorpio Mars is a pivot in the action.
Plus squares the Sun.

Rich with internal conflict that serves as a motivator.

Pushing past personal breaking points to what is alien territory…
That’s a common story now
What do you think of where you are?
Well how can you know?

it’s, as they say, compared to what?

Plenty hangs in the balance, $$$ included, and you do get the feeling that when shoes drop it won’t be in a pile, but rather a cascade that you ride to neither the bottom, nor to the top, instead sliding or clawing your way up an avalanche to elsewhere.

Many stories are currently untold, as Mercury in Capricorn prefers to keep her own council.
By February 14th, Mercury in Aquarius will open the door to unexpected.
A light-bulb moment with your name on it between now and March 5,
Thank goodness, as we desperately need air!!

Currently it’s only the Aquarius Sun supplying our Oxygen (so to speak!)
We do need to breathe.
Express your quirks, somebody’s got to!

Look to the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon of the 22 of February through the 24/25th
by then you should be holding information you can act on.

Still a bit of a lonely sky, as people prefer to act independent, unimpeded.
If that’s you, go ahead. Do your thing, see what comes.

Listen up! it’s The Melvins most accessible record in ages!

Love YOU!!!



Ripples in Space/Time? YES THERE ARE

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