February 12, 2014


Easy day to get distracted, to lose yourself in a wormhole…
following a thread that follows a thread that follows a thread, until
f*ck man!

Are you starting to feel both the push of
~Oh No You Don’t~
from Saturn
~I will f*cking find a way~
from the LEO Moon

Don’t hold me back.


There is reality again.
You do not have all the time in the world.
No perfect solutions.

Use you BRAINZ…

Logic it all the way to the end,
or a close as you can get before you gotta cut bait…

Don’t wait for the rescue mission,
balance your potential losses with potential gains,
even if you are practically, ahem, tripping balls what with the mercury situation.
Use whatev common sense you can dig up and do it to it,

Yes there is a risk factor.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to February 12, 2014

  1. Sabina says:

    What a mashup. Sat sex my Sun, Mars on my Neptune, that FM’ll be on my Pluto, Pluto’s on my NN and Uranus opp my chart ruler Merc. Howzabout dem apples?
    Listenin to Cecile sent me off youtubing to Bronski Beat version I hadn’t thot of in ages. Grew up on vinyl – actually even had 78’s still around in those days. Used to put an eraser to weight the arm down so it wouldn’t skip. So I played the Bronskis at 78rpm and liked it better than the original – guess I was ahead of my time in the DJ Dept ;P
    I love comin round here. And thanks for that link which I hadn’t checked out before to Astrologwa: never read anything so dead on about Scorp Venus. The central Europeans bring some deep darkness to this art. Here we’re often so self-help spic n span stars like Disney, I guess.
    Natal Sat/Ven in Scorp and 12 Sun but prog Sun cj Venus in Scorp 1st now and Mr Sat’s drifted back a bit – thanks for some breathing room, sir – and Moon opp gone too. Seems there is progress but sometimes it seems gruelling.
    Love you too OL.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sabina,

      Thanks for writing!!I was just talking about Sanja Peric yesterday. I so love her, what a pure channel! Yes to records! I play them all the time. : ) ~Agreed on the Disney self help.~ Your transit set up sounds like it poses the question of priorities.. Much Love, xoxo

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