February 10, 2014 Crab Moon


Crab Moon in a Grand Water Trine
Water being most of what we are.


The Sun still in Aqua, that’s Cancer’s 8th house,
a clue to why Crabs are genius with emotion?
How they seem to have the detachment to take on complex emotional scenarios,
& instantly see clear to the crux of it,
whilst stubbornly resisting alternate viewpoints?

Unusual attachments?
Complete sudden detachments?
Crabs excel at these as well.

Gather what emotional intelligence you have lying around,
Let it work for you, easily, unconsiously

The idea that relationships, that is to say connections, take us beyond

Water Dissolves.
What is it we are becoming?
Actually becoming those people we love… or simply those people we know?
Intimacy, a literal, physical transformative?
~Cells of a sibling, child, or possibly even a long-forgotten lover may persist in our bodies for decades, yet little is known about the role such genetic interlopers play.~

You have to click that link, because it’s the most interesting thing EVER.

Mars and Saturn slowing down, within a few degrees of their stations,
Mercury already taking us back…


Do we know all we need to know, to be sure of our value(s)?
The investments we make
Venus Pluto sinking in, deeper, deeper,
intimate undertow or isolation

…a huge love in prison?
In the prison of reality?
Of corporal existence, where if you do one thing, you do not do something else.

Full Moon in Leo on Friday

I’ll post about that just as soon as I finish this.

Love YOU!!!


FKA Twigs! <3 interview & album cover!
Taurus Maybe?

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2 Responses to February 10, 2014 Crab Moon

  1. Tam says:

    Oh yes I have read something similar about chimerism in the past. Freaky!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam!!

      So interesting to me! The more we know about what is going on, the less it seems we know… I love how science opens up avenues of thought, to incorporate or move beyond a previously held assumption. So beautiful! What or who, are we made of? xox

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