February 10, 2013


Hey Y’all!

I made you a couple of videos!
The first one gets cut off! What?! I know!
But I finished it in the second one, so it’s cool.

I left out two important things!!!!

Sagittarius, you guys are one of them!!! How is your faith these days? Your mind, and your siblings are all up for examination. Try to get out of your head and interact with people, no matter how surreal!

The human animal, what is it?!

The other piece is lying. Lying is the ultimate in duplicity, right?

And somehow, a lie always points out the truth, one way or another.

Oh, my mind, is all Washed away,
all away
We keep holding on To the everlasting waves….

Oh! and check out what Mikey has to say! <3! I swear that man is MAGIC! Love YOU!!!!!


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6 Responses to February 10, 2013

  1. Deborah Marcom says:

    Wow…I’m stunned. So overwhelmed in my life now with so much of what you described. Just feel buried alive.

  2. Tam says:

    My Sun is 6 degrees Gemini so I’m in the middle of all of this. I woke up from a dream where I was running stop signs, with the old Motown song “This Magic Moment” playing in my head?! 12th house weirdness.

    I’ve been dealing with the “how to accept help” aspect. I think I do let people help me but I’ve been accused (Capricorn) of not letting people help me. So….I’m wrestling with the fact that if I don’t need help, why do I have to accept it? If help is forced upon me I’m not going to appreciate it. It makes me feel weird as to whether I can’t see myself, or she can’t see me.

    Anyway, great videos! Love the artwork in the background 🙂

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hi Deborah,
    Buried alive is not a good feeling! In that case it might help to figure out what is under your control and what is not. What you can take charge of and what to let go, a plan can help, and to remember how ultimately free you are: to give yourself a place in your heart which is limitless.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam!! ::Waves::

    Thanks! It feels good to make videos. I’m still sick and my voice gets all froggy by the end, so self-conscious. The art and all is in my office, my fav room in the house. 🙂

    That is an amazing dream! For reals! Look at you go! Hey where are you going?? Did you ever hear Lou Reed cover that song? It figures in David Lynch’s Lost Highway It’s pretty surreal in and of itself!


    It seems perfectly fine to me to define what kind of help you want and don’t want. A good question might be, why does this person think I need help? Or what do I have to lose or gain here? What’s up with the balance of power? Seeing people is pretty tricky I think, esp. under this sky. That’s always a good one to let go of. Who knows! Actually, under this sky I would even go as far as to not try to see yourself, perfectly, or judge yourself from outside standards. I think we all look a little strange right about now. : )

    • Tam says:

      I don’t know where I was going, but it had a new feeling about it. I was on a country road and I would slow as I neared the stop signs but I never stopped. It kinda had a running away feeling. I want to runaway in February almost every year of my life. LOL

      I hadn’t heard the Lou Reed version. Yes it was surreal, it reminds me of when I fell in love years ago.

      My Capricorn friend is a “fixer” that sometimes crosses my boundary lines, which causes me to throw up walls in defense. I’m totally aware that I’m defensive, but I haven’t figured out a way to feel safe otherwise.

      Thanks for taking time to reply to me ::hugs::

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam!
    Feb. is the perfect time of year to run away as far as I am concerned! I like that dream!
    I get pretty curt with Capricorns fixing me… I do something like:
    I like to solve this myself, thanks! and I have Jupiter in Cap! LOL. xox

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