February 1, 2013


Plenty of AIR today between the Moon in Libra,
the Massive Aquarius Zone, and that Gemini Jupiter.

Sharing ideas, talking about Art, innovating, connecting, socializing.

Mars is about to hit Pisces, and run directly into Neptune,
it’s a soft landing, and what you do becomes what you dream of doing,
or perhaps you don’t do anything…
is the daydream more fun ? It’s certainly more dreamy!

The Moon moves to Scorpio on Saturday,
I like it!
It seems we haven’t had a Scorp. Moon on a weekend in ages!
A little intrigue,
or even just some depth perception and support…

Could all those things go together?
errr YES.

With so much Pisces about to take over the sky
It’s worth noting we may not be going where we think we are…

all dressed up like a native of bora bora,
we may find ourselves at a cocktail party,
just in time to show the socialites how to really throw down.

No matter. With Pisces involved, confusion is a given,
Have faith that there is something here for us, where ever we find ourselves,

Is it an accident: Yes
A mistake? No.

Dance with me!!!


p.s. white rabbit white rabbit!

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