Fear Paralysis, Waiting for Mars to Turn Direct


Fear Paralysis and the Grand Cross
Let fear make you keen,
or better yet, F*ck Fear.

lol sorrysorry ironynoirony much?
So many times the worst has come to pass and here we are, still standing.
To get what you want, give something up.

Not a ritual sacrifice! Realize that you will survive with less.
These are not neat equations, the skin of your teeth still counts.

This may be financial. You might give up on bottled water,
cute little portions of nearly anything… or whatever it is.

It is stone soup time, not a trip to your fav place for take out.
They won’t have what you want, not %100. If you see anything in the vicinity of 68% that is more than workable, 2 out of 3 for anything will get you there, with a bit of leverage and some duct tape.

We have not grown past these moments. You never do.
It’s never to late for you to use all the grit you possess.
This is not a time to pack up your toys and go home, if you neighbor won’t play fair. Maneuver it, and don’t give up.


Could be an idea.
The idea that you will only be happy, be content, be
and this is a big one ~OK~ if certain conditions are met.
Those conditions will likely not be met.
At least not all of them.

Our ability to succeed depends on re-framing our experience into a fresh dynamic.
Let Go of the Past.
What worked then will not work now.

What gives birth to the new?

~While solving an a solvable puzzle,
an unexpected factor emerges, and not a good one either!~

Things are off balance, out of kilter,
what you had never considered,
what you would have rejected out of hand, becomes a reality.

Why the river bends… there is a mountain in the way,
we go around, & in doing so, see sights we never expected.

That river becomes a waterfall, oh LOOK! The earth has dropped away,
we are plunging down
What do we land in, a beautiful pool surrounded by ferns, or
an insane series of rapids?



Some of both?

Not just the physical change, but a change of perspective.
You can’t solve problems with a bit of logic and the same old same old.
You have to able to give something up to get what you want.

Saturn in Scorpio means loss on some level for everyone.
The loss of innocence becomes strength.*
That’s alchemy, and that’s your job.

The energy now is very similar to what we had last year,
but with Crab Jupiter in the Cardinal crossfire it’s extroverted, exposed.
This is no longer an internal struggle,
Instead it’s a struggle that is lived out in events and life changes.

Be willing to look at everything sideways
there is an opening somewhere, feel for it, scan your eyes.

Do you have to get what you desire now? No. You do not.

But can you make the changes you need?

When will the logjam get unstuck?

will it be good or bad?

good for some, bad for others, but IN MOTION
Moving ahead, moving on.

This is a survival level training course. Use it!

Love YOU!!!


*Chiron/Jupiter/Saturn: Our Water Trine is exactly what the alchemist ordered.

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