Epic December 2014



Welcome to your December 2014

It’s a good week: Active and Interesting.

Sagittarius Sun + Aries Moon/Uranus today.
Are you impatient?

Fire Trine tomorrow, Moon/Venus/Jupiter.
That’s Good News!
See what comes your way if you have Fire around 22 degrees…

It’s taken me all day to write this, because there is simply too much I want to say.
I write, and rewrite and erase.

It’s Wheel of Karma Hour down at the star factory.

Be careful what entanglements you enter into now


In December,
Saturn leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, & Uranus squares Pluto exact.

Massive scene changes and re-directions.

Some of which will provide immense relief.

a plot twist before we yawn and stretch and leave our particular theater, to walk right into the next theater unsure if the film is already running?
Is it supposed to look like this?

Saturn in Sagittarius right away squares Neptune in Pisces…
well, forgive me for saying so again, but:


We can feel it already,
unfinished biz: money distribution, power dynamics, and the final say in certain relationships.

I’ll be posting details of the month as we move through it…

Love YOU!!!


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