Emily Wells

Oh Emily Wells! Where have you been all my life?!??!?!
Check her out!

She is a Scorpio Sun conjunct Uranus, Scorpio Merc. too.
Virgo Moon and Mars,
Libra Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn and Venus in Capricorn.
Her North Node is in Cancer

Talk about the power of Embracing your NODES.
She is using that Capricorn Venus as Fuel for her Cancerian future!
How many times does she say they words: Mama, House, Baby, & reference Leaving or Dying ?!


I love it! She can move from Rap to Americana with assurance, sexiness and a palpable heart. Or do a sweet homespun Coco Rosie art house vibe, with a more pop sensibility.

Take a listen:

SWEET JOB with that Saturn Transit Chica!

Actually, she has released 10 albums since 1999

So kicking ass creatively is her way of life.

2012 gives us Mama

and the 2011 was Shadowbox

I bet she aces the Saturn in Scorpio/Pluto in Cap. headed her way.
She has a nice little side project with Dan the Automator

called Pillowfight!

Her wiki is here Emily started as a violinist at 4 years old.
She’s on tour with Dark Dark Dark!!!!
So you know what show I’m gonna go see!!!

Happy Thursday!!!!

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Emily Wells

  1. Jomad says:

    She is the zenzizenzizenzic of awesome..
    Thank you for linking one of her pieces a few posts ago.
    Love the lyrics, the slightly nasal “getting over a cold” voice, the off beat feel AND some quality collaborations.
    AND she is a Scorp Sun/Merc communicating about the more meaty aspects of life: “You Think You Love Me” resonates with me particularly…
    BTW: I really enjoy the tone of your blog: not a pout or a wet blanket in sight, just lots of sunshiny goodness 😀

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey thanks for writing! I <3 getting comments! It's nice to make contact out here in the webernet.
      Yah, Emily Wells! I dunno how I missed her all this time!? Scorpio stuff often resonates with me,
      those strong emotions. I do love to feel happiness and I hope it's contagious. xox

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