Eclipse Life, October 2014



Pisces Moon on it’s way to Aries,
Fully in the Eclipse Zone.


Watch out for fragile parts.
It’s all about relationships now:

Keeping them, discarding them.

Aries Full Moon conjunct the South Node.
Who is a primal baby?

Who must have their own way, or take all the toys and go home?

We choose partners as mirrors.
Never forget this one.
We define against.
If you are like this, then I am like that.

We make a pact to be two sides of a coin.
Who would like to get free?

What does freedom mean?
To balance your life, accepting yourself as you are, as you are today…

Choose your alliances with care,
AND don’t bite the hand that feeds you…

If you are walking away, whom do you take with you?
Who is that one person you can never shake?

Right, wherever you go, you go with.
And if you smash your mirror, will you disappear?

Grand Fire Trine: it happens faster

The new. The newest of the new!
along with
Bright Lights & The End


act one c’est fini

Although this Eclipse is part of a larger process as they always are,
I really see it, and the month October, as on a whole other level.
You don’t have such a developed situation very often in the sky.

It’s AWETOBER. It’s just beyond.

Whether these dates will “live in infamy”
or be recorded simply in astonishment and later sentimentalized,
there is a heightened potential now, in all directions.

There are layers, and there are layers on top of layers.
In the end, you have to be honest with yourself, and as gracious as you know how to be.

Can you find a way to work together?

Fire Trine, + Uranus + Merc Retro,
gives us not only possible new chances, but second chances.

Surprises are oh so very likely, no one can predict the outcome.

Do say YES where you want to say YES.
NO has a nice ring too, now doesn’t it?

The wheel turns.

Give your self allllllll of October to metabolize these changes.

This is our Full Moon Eclipse,
but we will have our New Moon Eclipse on the 23 of October,
With Mercury Direct in the Cardinal T-square the 25th.

Love YOU!!!


if anyone wants a last min, consult, eclipse related or any other topic…
I’ll be around. <3

Sometimes, right?!

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