Early October Skies 2015


Lucky you,
if you have someone to be angry at who will still love you anyway.

Now past some big decisions & events,
as we begin to live out our choices with Mutable signs in planetary positions of influence,
we waiver.

dreamy, insecure, unfinished
inspired, deluded, idealistic, disengaged,
moral, imaginative, industrious
hypocritical, apathetic,
over analyzing while under-thinking,
forgiving, understanding, miraculous

Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn,
(Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius)

Meanwhile Cardinal Signs Aries & Capricorn,
Uranus, & Pluto
act upon us, and we embody them.

We become selfish, isolated by tragedy.
Or we become generous,
aware at last,
of how much to give, & how little to lose there always is.

What types of freedom do we experience under this sky?


Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn remaining to lead us,
by Fire, by Earthquake, by seeming accident

into the shape of the future.

Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn,
(Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius)


What you can count on in the new arrangement is something of a hazy allegiance,
a myopic unsettled idealism.
The half ruined castle, the nearly completed picture,
the woman you are pretty sure you can trust…

It’s not forever, or is it?

Might it be possible to just sneak in under the wire?
Watch out for wild currents of blame, unwarranted faith, inexplicable miracles, misunderstood tragedy, outbreaks of tears

Retrograde Mercury is holding back Jupiter’s advance,
while we stumble through outdated alliances, or outdated mental constructs regarding our alliances,
alongside Libra’s generalized relationary confusion.


How to weigh the key elements?
Throw away the idea of perfection.
More than ever it’s meaningless.

We are perfected only in death, and then only by default.

Once direct on the 9th of October, Mercury will begin his campaign,
smoothing out any ruffles that dare to raise their heads.


Expect increased clarity/quality of information on the 9th as Mercury meets then with the North Node on the very day that Venus leaves Leo, to be squared by Saturn.

The star of our show steps down.
Becoming a maiden, a sex worker a cleaning woman, a librarian, a craftswoman, the makeup comes off.

What is due must be paid.


Also on the 9th, the Virgo Moon conjucts Mars and Jupiter, and trines Pluto.
If you have to be a hero or make a sacrifice, you’ll do it.

Love YOU!!!


p.s. I was going to say, how very Virgo is this song?! But all the mutable signs are represented, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.



*not quite sure where this phone image came from, if you know, or it’s yours, very very happy to credit the beautiful photo!

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