Do your Hair!

The Moon is in LEO,

Sun is in Taurus, Jupiter too,

Venus is in Gemini and Mars in Virgo!

Sounds like a good day to get your hair done if you ask me,
or play dress up. You could do your nails,
or try on all your swankiest stuffs.
Basically, look in the mirror admiringly. You look fantastic!
Yeah you do!

Do you maybe need to buy some new shoes?
Or download some music for that dance party in the kitchen?

New music always makes me hopeful.

and that’s a gift right there

Music is understood by everyone, and enjoyed by anyone,
Even if some type of sound doesn’t do it for you personally,
you know it is soul sustaining for someone
and that is really beautiful.

If that doesn’t make you happy you got rocks in your ears!

Things in the Sky are not perfect, but we can manage, Oh yes we can!

Working up to a large Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday.
Everyone wants what they want when they want it.
No one knows how things will work out.




For most of my life I knew nothing of the inner workings of diplomacy.

It’s not a bad thing to have at your disposal if you are trying to work with others.

and as Saturn moves through Libra from now to October,

We are all trying to work with others.



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