December 9, 2013


As Uranus wakes up, and Mars slips into Libra,
Pluto sextile Chiron begins to work itself into the mix.

Is that a good OW?

An clean open wound is more likely to heal,
Mercury in Sagittarius @ 6 degrees
Square Chiron @ 9 brings the light and the heat.

It’s good. Get it all open and out.
Plenty opening up and coming to light now, see all you can, let it in.

Crab Jupiter, Scorpio Saturn & the Moon in Pisces flow together today.
Grand Water Trine.

It is possible to feel it all and move ahead with confidence.

For a Depth Detour, listen to Shostakovich

Demitri was a Libra Sun conjunct Mercury,
with a Capricorn Moon conjunct Uranus.
Capricorn Asc, and 12th house Aquarius Chiron.

The Cardinal T-Square of his Capricorn Moon/Uranus & Crab Jupiter/Neptune,
sharp against his Libra Sun/Mercury.

Gemini Pluto in the 5th Squares Sun/Merc to add potency and power.

A Grand Water Trine fully operational:
Scorpio Venus in the 10th oversees his Pisces Saturn & Jupiter/Neptune in Crab.

Very Tight Chart:
Mystic Rectangle, Grand Water Trine, Cardinal T-Square.
Only Pluto out on it’s own, and even that, not by much.

Not an easy life for Mr Shostakovich, instead one of embattled sincere achievement.

His music is emotionally precise, inventive,
easily understood, (complex!) but free, with clear depth.

I think making something complicated easy to understand is one of the marks of genius!

All of the Air signs in his chart,
but particularly Pluto in Gemini: so plainly illustrated by his sound. <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So much to say about the sky,
the rubber has hit the road!
(Mars in Libra!!!)
-Full Moon in Gemini-

I’ll be posting allllll about it.

Have a beautiful day Kittens!

Love YOU!!!


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