December 7, 2016 Pisces Moon Conjunct Chiron


Somehow I spent the day fantasizing about saving people and animals, adopting all the pets, opening my home to everyone possible, while being more than usually aware of what felt like an inability to save myself. From who, From what? Maybe from the multiplicity of imperfections, the details devils are so fond of. Overwhelmed, I muddled through it, never really wrong, but not right either. A painful blur seemed to describe everything, as though I needed glasses, and had none.

The Sun is about to hit Saturn and trine Uranus. No matter how it strikes you there will be consequences. Some little twig will grow out of that old stump. Chiron squares the conjunction. Friction is needed. Just because it’s painful doesn’t mean it’s not effective. At times, pain = a quality education.

Meanwhile, Venus moves to Aquarius! (We lighten up!) Jupiter gives supervisory approval.
Everyday we move into the future, which brings us closer to death, and somehow, ~A vision of the Future~ is supposed to be uplifting! But honestly what else can it be?

We will never be here again, only there moments away, and we already are.

Love YOU!!!!


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