December 6, 2013


This moment is hard to live in.
I feel myself edging around it like I could somehow scrape by without it.
Off to the future!
Aquarius Moon, foreshadowing Uranus Direct on the Full Moon of the 17th.
I can’t help but feel I’m in the kiddy pool, and I know how to swim!

Who am I trying to convince that now is the time?

Now is always the only time.
Don’t wait for it to get here. Whoops, you missed it! NOWNOWNOWNOW.



P.O.S. redid that 2007 style.

I’ve written about P.O.S. earlier, such a hopeful eloquent rebel!
A Super LEO with a grand Fire Trine
His 2012 album was allll that!

Love YOU!!!


Look Here for a Uranus in Aries/Neptune in Pisces innovation.

The future is now.

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3 Responses to December 6, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    really looking to what will transpire for me at the full moon in gemini…. it is conj my DC exact… uranus going direct in my 3H (when it went retro the progress i thought id made with the gemini in july, reversed and communication between us hit a major block)… sun and mercury will be conj my AC/neptune in sag… venus in my 1H squaring my pluto at 24 libra and moon at 28 libra… pluto in cap conj my SN at 13 cap, venus about to go rx…. venus conj the gemini’s NN, and uranus direct opposing gemini’s uranus and moon at 13 libra…. (yes our nodes square each other’s moons in libra… yet another crazy past life aspect we share)… being a cancer sun i feel these full moons immensely, and usually a little early… we shall see!

  2. jgirl says:

    i checked my progressed chart for the full moon, and mercury will be at 18 deg sag, conj my progressed moon exact… the sun will also be conj my progressed juno at 25 deg sag exact, along with my natal AC/neptune… venus will be conj my progressed AC at 26 cap… saturn will be conj my progressed MC at 20 scorpio… transit juno in aquarius will also be trining the full moon in gemini… and i didn’t realize before, the full moon will trine my natal pluto/moon in libra… hopefully these are good signs! i can always understand how a transit affected my chart after it happens and i look back at the aspects, but its so hard to predict which way the cards will fall beforehand!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      It sounds like this Full Moon will hit your charts full on! That’s exciting! It is always easier to unravel the why something happened after than to know how it is going to play. It’s a VERY dynamic lunation. I’ll write about it as we get closer. : ) xoxx

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