December 6, 2012

Hey Where Is Everybody?

Waning Moon in Virgo seems to be keeping us up wrapped in the details,
and a little low key. This can be prime time for obsessing over details/health/admin/cleaning/feeling inadequate/guilty. Don’t give in!

I mean, do the stuff,
Moon in Virgo responds especially well to healthy living and lack of clutter,
but try and relax. Breathe.

By Friday night the Moon moves into Libra, which is nice for the weekend.
Things are more social and more dynamic, but chilled out is fine, too,
if you can swing it. Next weekend, by the 14th we have the New Moon,
and Uranus Direct, so plan accordingly. High energy and a big boost then.

I saw this the other day,
and I thought it was a pretty beautiful merger of Capricorn and Scorpio themes.

Plus I have a thing for tiny circuses.
I think it is the idea of always traveling.
I am never more at home than when in motion.

Ok, the music is a tiny bit corny, but I thought the documentary was excellent!
What is life, but some happiness you pull from going round and round on the wall of death?
That’s a bit dark and I totally didn’t mean it!

Nice Capricorn themes though, family business, hard work, skill and excellence.
The Scorpio is right there too, danger!
Freedom through devotion, through narrowing your focus.

That’s it for today Kittens,

I gotta run around and deal with the details!

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to December 6, 2012

  1. emzalee says:


    “obsessing over details/health/admin/cleaning/feeling inadequate/guilty.”

    I am wandering around my house this week trying to find stuff to THROW AWAY!

    The clutter is making me bats.

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