December 4, 2013


Do the favor.
As best you can, or
think of something else, a subtle unusual solution.

Capricorn Moon, heading to Pluto,
so it can be electrified by Uranus.

Can you do something new with those old feelings?
With your default settings… your internal dialog?

Mars at the tail of Virgo wagging Mercury’s dog.
Watch yo mouf.

Jupiter still a good play here

Keep laughing, with/at
whatever it takes, as long as you are included.

The underlying need, or simply what must be done next?

Put function in the drivers seat,
if your brakes are snapped, best fix it before you get on the road.

It’s still the right time to move ahead.

…it does look like there is a tuna melt at the end of the rainbow,
so there’s that.

No tuna melts for me! Not Ever!

Have a beautiful day Kittens!



Check This! Don’t get stuck in your marble track suit!

Love YOU!!!

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