December 30, 2013


Sagittarius Moon sextile Libra Mars.

Get it! Do it!
Enough bounce and torque to keep us in action, Dark of the Moon or no.

Cardinal Grand Cross Much?

YES, thanks for asking!

Faith is the best play going.

But not just faith.
You can’t sit this one and expect it all to fall into place.

It’s a hustle, a minefield, a negotiation, a balancing act,
and when you need to think fast:

Minefield is used so commonly, that it’s lost it’s potency,
what I’m talking about is when something unexpectedly BLOWS UP!

New Moon in Capricorn for the New Year.
2014: It’s a big one!
Check back, I’ll be posting about it soon soon soon!

Love YOU!!!!



Would you like to see something difficult and moving?
It’s a dance.

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4 Responses to December 30, 2013

  1. janeliker says:

    So brilliantly apt again you wouldn’t believe (though it was an exploding mine-capped bog-field for me…) And which character/s are you?

    • o_lightning says:

      Thank you janeliker! Which characters? Honestly I have no idea! The floating head? The minotaur? My friend suggested I was the apparition! xo

  2. Finbar says:

    I like the giant cat best and would like the dancing bear if I knew it was dancing because it just felt like it. Not seemingly under some compulsion like the knife ballerina. She made me think how life feels like dancing on knives sometimes – on the edge of self-harm or the abyss. How well that intensity of experience is portrayed!
    Brillo, as ever, dear Lightning rod.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Finbar,

      Thanks for writing!! The giant cat is cute! I wouldn’t mind meeting a giant cat. And yes, that is always the danger with a dancing bear, to whose tune do you have to dance? The ballerina IS intense! Dancing right on top of music, that poor piano. Beautiful piece though. xo

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