December 30 2012, Looking at 2013

That Crab Full Moon in the Outer Planet Abuse Arena
was all that and a bag of chips!
No shortage of Mama/Baby/Home/Family/Feelings Drama.
Those bases were covered!

I have been officially eaten by a shark,
and all further posting will be done from inside the Shark Belly.

The Sun is Snuggling up to Pluto (smirks) and it’s all too real to be believed.

Yep. That kind of snuggling.

Mercury gets rational(Capricorn) right away!December 31!
Enforcing those resolutions that come with penny pinching or insane ambition.

January looks stark and active, it’s going to take depth, humility, strategy,
and dare I say, innovative long term thinking to enjoy what January has to offer.
If you can’t do that, detach, pay attention, watch and learn.
Rarely have I seen so much Capricorn gathered in the sky.

Jupiter, Finally goes direct by the end of January!!!
YES. Right along with all the Sag. and Gemini’s
I swear I am counting the days!

2013 looks to be an incredibly interesting year.
All these stelliums show up.
First a world of Capricorn,

Then a Pisces Party!

February gives us all Planets Direct For the First time in ages!!!
Plan to use it people! FEBRUARY

We are going to see an Aries pile up,

and A Very Wet Cancerian Summer,

Jupiter and Mars in Crab, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces all swimming together beautifully. That looks amazing! Crabs could truly use the love after all the Cardinal Grand Crossbow arrows shot at them over the last few years…

All year, Pluto in Cap. and Uranus in Aries keep squaring off
like giants hurling boulders

2013 looks like a rather epic fairy tale or a novel in 8 parts.
Each movement in time seems at turns, stark, fanciful, miraculous, convincing, fateful, confusing, encompassing, and life altering.

Rather like a Symphony or an Opera, each song, each composition, comes simultaneously to blot out the previous, and somehow to incorporate it, to build on it, even as a contradiction forces the clarity of an argument, or the warm softness of the summer air makes makes a glacial stream that much colder. This is an adventure story, it’s clear enough there are surprises.

2013 = Record Highs and Lows… and you can quote me.

Watch this Fairy Tale by Hayao Miyazaki if you haven’t already.
I see it as homeopathic/prophylactic for 2013, and the best possible use of your time.


Love YOU!!!!!


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  1. Django Hulphers says:

    Good luck in the shark. Use tiger style. Gorgeous underwater pic.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thanks Django! Sometimes the belly of the Shark is the safest place to be I guess. You done already been swallowed, so no worries there. xo

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