December 2014, Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius


It’s getting Lighter, but the result is just as heavy.

It’s scary out here in the wide wide world,
where every conversation has impact.
Each decision seems to ramify out into infinity.

When you have been in prison a long while, the freedom is dizzying.

Fear of Success?

Slowwwwwww Dowwwwn.


This is one of those ~it’s alright for things to change~ moments.
It IS alright for things to change.
You are out of your comfort zone perhaps, but not necessarily out of luck.

Depth shows up,
after all this time!
It’s been here all along, but the context was punishing.

At long last… I do believe,
for the most part…

dues have been paid.

Now we look at the possibility of Depth AND Freedom,
it’s hard to tell if we are seeing clearly
Our eyes blink in bright sunlight,
is this actual, is it real?

Impossible to tell with Neptune’s blur on the proceedings.
You have to walk through the door anyway.
You have come so far, to be standing here.

Let’s see what becomes.

Meanwhile Mercury conjuncts Pluto: Watch your mouth.
Yes really. Watch the amazing things it says! lol

Depth is legit, and in fact, all but unavoidable
Howev, be GENTLE.

If you are put on the spot, err on the side of boring but kind.

Merc./Pluto squares Uranus

Sudden revelatory info headed your way?
A shock, or a secret?
I wouldn’t be surprised!

I mean… we MAY be surprised.

Once more, easy does it.
Give yourself a moment.


It’s been a year. It’s been a serious fast moving year.

One Year Ago, we looked at that Capricorn New Moon and imagined.
How far have you come?

Love YOU!!!



Are you out of your depth… just at the moment?
No law against treading water until you spot your buoy.


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