December 2, 2016 Capricorn Moon/Pluto, and a Look Beyond


Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, making a T-square with Uranus and Jupiter. That’s a controlled emotional response. It’s big, but can we even fully feel it? Old family feelings and complex entanglements, survival, what is owed? The Virgo/Pisces axis adds an undertone, there is no service without hypocrisy, there is no certainty that does not contain a contradiction.

Later we’ll process, further down the line. Capricorn Moon knows more than anyone, how to heat up cold comfort, season it with irony and serve in such a way that it becomes sustenance. But for Cap. there is an uncharacteristic lack of bitterness here. Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus are helping. They really do want you to turn a corner and get it right. Mercury at 29 Sag. is about to tip over to Cap. where we can begin calculations, she joins Venus, & Pluto. Assess the risks and make a long term investment? The clock has not stopped. Saturn which rules time, rules Capricorn. Time to wake up. Time for work. Money becomes ever more a consideration. How will protect our assets? Where/In What/With Whom Shall We Invest? What is to be the result of our work?

Mars in Aquarius, will meet the Moon over the weekend. They are poised in the middle to go ahead with Jupiter’s Blessing, a kind word from the Saturn, the Sun, AND Uranus. A chance, a choice comes up, something new, rooted in past action. You won’t be forced to act, but you’ll know how you feel, and by next Friday, (December 9th,) we will see some strong definition to the shape of what’s to come, with the Sun conjunct Saturn trine the Moon conjunct Uranus and opposition Jupiter.


One of the more interesting stories developing over 2017, is Saturn trine Uranus.
~ Commitment To A New Way Forward.~ Also known as ~ Something New Actually Happens ~

New “world bettering” organizations form. New groups of people strike out on their own or congregate. You can see it already! New associations are formed, and we hope to improve the world because of it.

As we move through this, remember that neither Saturn nor Uranus has a reputation for kindness. Kindness is key, and we must supply that, that is to say, the compassion, the humanity, ourselves.

It’s as if these next few years are a cosmic laundry day, and although there have been some long time hygienic regulars, many are just now noticing, as a society, how deeply we are standing in our own filth.

In this, treat scorn as your enemy, because nothing corrupts as thoroughly as contempt.

I have recently seen a few entertaining bits on how awful 2016 has been, and I’ll chime in there, at least to say ~It’s been unreasonable.~ Things have fallen apart that should have stayed together, the bad has become worse, and a low grade fever or paralysis has afflicted us all as we stagger from losses that seem to symbolize nothing so much as the fact that nothing has a mandate to ‘work out’ that we are on our own, that the boat floats only so far as we row and bail.

The sour taste, the smell of spoiled laundry that disillusionment comes first, before anything.

There is no short cut to personal or political structural integrity, but part of the process here seems to be realizing how very far at the bottom we have to begin, regardless of who we knew, or where we were at the top, once upon a time.

I will say this, nothing good is ever wasted. And you will see that now, as you move toward your dreams. Your good will be reflected back as light on the water. Not as a mirage, as a reminder.

Love YOU!!!!


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