December 17, 2012

Life as something to get through day by day.
Life as the only precious thing.
Life is the medium and we are the art.

The world is supposed to end this week, and that seems fitting, although unlikely.

Our Earth and Sun align with something called the Galactic Core or the Galactic Center.
SciFi right?
No, it’s real.
The Galactic Core is a spot in Sagittarius,
It’s basically the center of our Milky Way.

Nothing is going back to the way it used to be.
There could easily be war in the USA, and not because I think it’s a good idea!

The old days are over, over, over. Done and GONE.

We are in the new-old-days.
Scorpio and Pluto, Saturn and Capricorn.

The sky hasn’t looked anything like this since the Revolutionary War in the USA.
And IT HAS NEVER, looked exactly like this!

Isn’t it always now.

NOW is what we can count on.

*Neptune in Pisces… there is a way out…

As always $5 and transcendent love will get you a smile and a cup of coffee from all but the most jaded barista in town. (kidding) Some people just won’t smile.

Embrace the newness,
even if that simply means how sick to death you are of the old.
Don’t be afraid to take action. Careful considered action based on reality.
Think it through and then do it.
Don’t over think it. You are not stuck.

*Holy Neptune in Pisces!

Love YOU!!!!


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