December 16, 2016






Do what you can when you can all day, because nothing lasts forever.

Generous, Brave, Positive, go ahead and cultivate that warmth that you want to feel.
This is where you smile first, and open the door to receiving a smile back.

The Leo Moon is opposite Venus in Aquarius, yes to quirks, yes to not taking ‘it’ personal.

Saturn makes a strong trine to Uranus, notice how rather than a typical chill post Full Moon vibe, we are still amping up.
New unusual precedents are being established, and there WILL be ramifications.

Watch for the Mercury Retrograde Station conjunct Pluto on the 18th.
A hidden agenda? You bet your life!

Control, Power, Money, in regard to new messages on these topics, odd patterns will emerge.
Who is owed for what, becomes a question as these new relationships are established.
Steps that have been taken, things that have been done already, will now be UNDONE.

It comes apart, and as Merc is direct on January 8th, our world will be put back together differently.
That’s a promise. These matters are not trivial. For those with heavy Cardinal placements, or beaucoup Earth and Water, they will be personal, but for everyone, we will watch them play out nationally, and globally, with a depth that only Pluto, (god of death, deep healing, and the underworld) can provide.

On the 19th, Mars tips into Pisces, where anything becomes possible.
Aggression morphs, taking unusual pathways.

Highlight the 26th of of December as particularly slippery.
Mars will be on the South Node conjunct Neptune and square the Sagittarius Moon.
By the 27th the Moon hits Saturn trining Uranus and we feel the results.
Is someone leaving? Is there a a brand new paradigm emerging from and old swamp, covered in slime, but about to be cleaned up and put to use?

The New Moon on the 28th spells it out.
Now matter what strange relationships and alliances begin, there is something to be gained.
Jupiter trines Venus for the whole proceeding and it really doesn’t get any better, and in this case, more bizarre, than that!

For today enjoy the energy, the release, breath deep.

Love YOU!!!!


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