December 15, 2015


Early last January we were HERE ,

and with the exception of Jupiter changing from Leo to Virgo, it feels surprisingly current. Put the devil back in the details,
get invited to less parties, et voila, there we are.

EXCEPT, everything HAS changed!

It totally has!
The questions you were puzzling have been answered.
At least in the broadest sense.

In their place, new questions more subtle, almost refractive as if many different realities could spin out from any of these angles.

Further on, and into…
how would we describe it?


A situation,
a development, which can not be wholly defined as one thing, or another.
Or sure it can!
It’s a job, a relationship, a move,
it’s the next step

Choices were made. They WERE!
Hammers came down, and shoes dropped,
and suddenly there was fog all around!

What’s Next?

Mercury striding toward Pluto.
Exact on Saturday the 19th,
as the Aries Moon hits Uranus, and that Cardinal T-Square comes to life!
Hello Libra Mars!
What is about to be known?

Something stinking from the sewer or lurching toward the grave?

An accident! (a big one)
A violent choice, unfortunately.

Perhaps a shift of power,
a life saved, a bond made or broken.

A chance to owe, or to be owed,

A moment to be measured in.
Held up to the light or against the darkness?

What do you see of your shadow?


What size is your silhouette?
who is watching?

Money, which after all is a sort of POWER.

There is a hero’s chance in our situation
like it or not, we will see power in evidence.

A look behind the curtain.


Love YOU!!!


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