December 14, 2016







Crab Moon today.

Who is your family?
To whom do you belong?

With Crab comes issues of survival, how do we survive alone?

All prickly in your own shell?


A refusal to belong to anyone?
Or this:

Independent, as long as you have someone who depends upon you?
To prove you are needed, wanted, a baby cares for it’s mother with the adoration of need. That’s one way to perceive things, but it’s important to remember that just as you are, you have every right to exist. Even if you are unneeded, unwanted, uncelebrated. No matter who you are the world opens to you, without exception, and as a mirror, you extend your hand, lift your cup, and drink in a world of sensation, of private experience and possible communion, available only to you.

Love YOU!!!!


~ If you’re in a hole don’t keep digging – look around. Then get the bits and pieces into some kind of order, so as to point up the problem. Sometimes it comes easy, other times it’s like confining jelly with a rubber band. Anyway, once achieved, the next move is to head off along the most promising route. The solution may become evident or you can end up in an exasperating period of hiatus when, despite trying this and that, the answer remains elusive. Hopefully the germ of an idea eventually peeps through, but before leaping on it with relief let it incubate for a while. Here the mind works on the idea in some mysterious way. Either the potential evaporates, in which case you have to start all over again, or it emerges [said Henry James] with ‘a firm iridescent surface, and a notable increase in weight’.
– Alan Fletcher ~

~ I have only one thing I hope to convey to you today. We are all human beings, individuals transcending nationality and race and religion, fragile eggs faced with a solid wall called the System. To all appearances, we have no hope of winning. The wall is too high, too strong – and too cold. If we have any hope of victory at all, it will have to come from our believing in the utter uniqueness and irreplaceability of our own and others’ souls and from the warmth we gain by joining souls together.

Take a moment to think about this. Each of us possesses a tangible, living soul. The System has no such thing. We must not allow the System to exploit us. We must not allow the System to take on a life of its own. The System did not make us: We made the System.
-Haruki Murakami ~

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