December 14, 2012

My best friend used to say I should start a cult.

Cults are an Aquarian/Uranian Phenom; a group of peeps doing something strange for the betterment of society.
In other words, Uranus Direct, kidding!
I do want to make things better, and I’ve got charisma, but I’m missing out on the power hungry vibe…

Who is out there with their goals slipping into oblivion?
and Who is proposing more audacious goals then ever?
What does practicality mean?
If you lose heart, where can you find it?


Determination is the name of the game.
Yes, it’s lonely at both the top and the bottom,
but the more you cross off your list, the easier you can breathe.

As long as we have the Sagittarius Sun,
let’s not forget that we are writing OUR STORY

Individuate and Shine so people can see the light that you are.
There is something (Neptune in Pisces) at work, whether or not we see it.
Everyone needs you.

Take a lesson from these cats right here:


Should we say Santa is the Sag. and Moses is the Cap.?

I think it’s a tie, imeanright?



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