December 12, 2013


Aries Moon moving to Taurus by afternoon.
The change will help.
Aries has us keyed up, and Mars inconjuncts Neptune,

Flashes of delusionality?

Jupiter Trine Saturn is our best bet.
Steady enduring progress.

Chiron trining Uranus and Squaring Mercury.
Glitches, and surprises in the paperwork,
brilliance too

No need to apologize for your originality, or defend your perspective,
let it go, open up, look at it their way.

Breathe into it.

Sometimes I hate the new simply because it’s new!
The toothpaste logo didn’t used to look like that! ::: Blushes:::
Shhhhh! I have taurus
Probably a something a little more pressing than toothpaste on your mind.

Don’t let anyone’s mind close doors in your own.
This is Sagittarius Season, damnit

Check Daryl Davis, whose Jupiter is just out of hand.

Daryl is a Blues Piano player and one hell of a human.
Through the ordinary course of his life,
he was given the opportunity to challenge racism, and bridge worlds in a way
that few would dare.
Talk about fear not holding you back!

Read an excellent interview with Daryl HERE

Daryl was born in Chicago, to parents in the US Foreign Service.
He spent his childhood all over the world returning to the US as a teen.
~Yes, I’ve been to 50 countries on 5 continents and plan to see more.~

If he doesn’t have EPIC Jupiter or Sag. <3!

~Invite your enemy to talk. Give them a platform to talk because then they will reciprocate. Invite your enemies to sit down and join you. You never know; some small thing you say might give them food for thought, and you will learn from them.~

Mars in Libra advise from Daryl Davis.

Love YOU!!!


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