December 10, 2012

It’s Monday again!

I wish I was this bear. That’s who you should be today if you get the chance.
Instead life demands our attention.
-clear out, clean up-

There seems to be a disconnect in the sky right now,
between the practical details of getting ahead,
and the utter tedious slowness of our progress,
and the unimaginable results.
We can’t look around that corner.
Only do the work, and breathe.

Things will pick up speed Thursday/Friday, one way or another.

Today, Dark of the Moon in Scorpio.
Try to attach to that Scorpionic Life Force if you can.

Everyone is waiting to see what happens
when Uranus goes direct with the New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday…

… it’s a surprise!!!!

Meanwhile we have Mercury back in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces.
Does that sound like big promises that will not be delivered on?

Let’s try for inspiration and aligning our goals with our dreams.
I have to admit, Saturn in Scorpio is feeling like the dream crumbler these days.

I guess that’s how it goes,
every scrap of will power must be used, and the base line is very base indeed.
Get comfortable, it’s only going to help if you learn to see in the dark.

The Sun is still in Sagittarius still asking us to release, let go, move on.

* * *

It was Tom Waits’ Birthday on December 7th.

He is a 12th house Sun with Mercury on the Asc.
Preacher Much?
Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aqua in the 2nd (how he earns his living)
and a devoted 7th house Cancer Moon.
I was thinking that Moon gives him the sentimentality for all those old places.
He is probably the only man who can make Des Moines sound romantic.
Tom has been married to Kathleen Brennan since 1980. They write his songs together.

There is really nice article about Mr Waits, HERE

Never forget that Sagittarius is about moving forward.
Expanding your heart, your knowledge, your experience…
Isn’t it interesting how Tom has done that while maintaining such continuity.

With So much Scorpio in the sky,
leaving it all behind is not only a draw, but a possibility…

did the devil make the world, when god was sleeping…?

you’ll never get a wish from a bone-

God I love him!



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