Dark of the Moon, New Moon in Aries!

So what did you get over the weekend?

Did you ask for anything?

Was some pleasure headed your way?

I had FUN actually.

True story, visited old friends made new ones. Music… all that!

I’m still TRAVELING! I know!!!

I spent the night in the desert under those incomparable desert stars.

I’m headed to some hot-springs and it is a tiny bit hard to stay in touch,

I miss you guys though!!!

So, the sky.
Dark of the Moon in Pisces right now,
everything is a little bit wonky,
but not so bad, right?

Don’t send crazy emails…

Even if they are out of touch, people still love you….

The Grand Trine in Earth is still in effect, eating, relaxing, physical pleasure,
and yes even work is still a go.

Do the things you CAN do.

The New Moon in ARIES is on the 22nd.
That is all systems GO!

Take these days to set consider how to set your intention.

Then really have it in mind on the 22

It should be strong (Aries ) and deeply powerful, (it squares Pluto) and innovative
(the New Moon is conjunct Uranus).

The New Moon is at 2 degrees Aries.
Do you have anything there,
Or in early Libra, Cancer or Capricorn?
People with planets in early Cardinal signs will feel it especially!

Where does the New Moon fall in your chart?

It’s a big one, don’t skip it!
Some people may be flipping out, but just let them…

This is a big wave to ride and that is surely one of the joys of life!

Where do you want it to take you?!



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  1. Alexis Hurley says:

    totally with it on this one, setting intentions//working keeping it dreamy..snappy, on-the-feet energy and taking time to keep that cool ! nice post, Omie!! thankss

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