Dark of the Moon in Gemini, Duality


Why do we always think the future will be simpler?
More linear. Bold lines, & space flight.
Freedom and Uranian attitudes.

Never mind that Aquarian/Uranian is often code for rejection.
Or for an early abandonment/rejection

…reject them before they reject you…who is strange now?
that comes later on.

The future is by nature more complex.
we can forget the past, but the past never forgets us.

Multifaceted and not simply so like gems, like jewels,
Or like jewels seem to be
all that unearthing to get to,
& if you look into the mining of precious stones…
*Light and darkness always shaking hands.

Maybe we can say there is not one simple thing on this earth.
It’s swirl far surpassing any ice-cream treat.

More luxe even than 9 kinds of heaven or hell
Pond like, an ocean ecosystem,
scum on top, godknowswhat beneath it.

Or should I say everything imaginable
Beneath, Below, Above.

I know we are supposed to feel a renewed commitment in the face of pervasive challenges,
but, in the Dark of the Moon there is…
Life Experience Fatigue.

Even amidst the good stuff.
as Keats writes,
~in the very temple of delight, veiled Melancholy has her sovereign shrine.~


The old life is gone, but threads and tendrils of it are still with us.
Very much alive, and in need of our… What?





The Dark of the Moon is quite dark, and the New Moon on the 25th is not without difficulties.

What do you let go of?
What comes along? Where do you place your energy?

Jupiter so often has to do with letting go..
co-ruler as it is of Pisces
easy to forget this…

which way do you swim?


Letting go of love?
Is that the surprise present?
A new love? or a new lovely freedom?

*Some problems can only be solved by living them.
The webs we weave in exactly that way, just living…

Let the cares of the day fall from your fingers,
in some cases you do this by handling them.
So much easier not to worry, when you have done your part.

We can’t avoid noticing that people we know are dying,
or that the time to live is now, while we still have our breath.

Does it make you want to pull the covers over your head, or stretch your hand out?
Options not now, or ever, mutually exclusive.

So difficult to shine on while the Moon wanes.
The Leo imperative, is still there, but it is going to take deeper measures.

If it’s an ocean ecosystem, we can float while breathing,
but no one is exempt from responsibility.
In this world we eat each other to live, and we help each other to survive.
As the joke goes, regarding our relationships,
it’s complicated.

Love YOU!!!


*Perspective? that’s Jupiter…
but watch out for problems of Pride that mess with your perspective.
(Leo Jupiter)

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