Come At Me Bro

Cardinal T-Square = Things Happen

Busy Sky this Week!


Something for everybody…. and I do mean that in a good AND a bad way!

Look at it this way,

Don’t sing it! Don’t let those crows push you around G,

Get off that cross and get going!!!!

This is EVOLUTIONARY astro,

and you don’t evolve with out leaving some people behind.

You don’t think he is going to miss those crows, do you? Well, do you???

Lots of jolting communiques flying back and forth!

Sudden Confessions!

Power Plays!

and so much more…

Mercury in Cancer is involved,

People feel strongly about what they say!

Jupiter is in Gemini (yay gems!)

Socializing feels good,

but can you take everything someone tells you as

THE TRUTH? ummm no.

Find out for yourself

Pace yourself,

Don’t take it personal

….and take the long view…

and allow your authenticity to come forward and be seen.

For Realz

We have no idea what this guy has in mind:



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