Chiron, New Moon in Virgo 2013


If pain has caused you to open up, all I can say is, don’t shut down.

Not as easy as it sounds with that Owl staring you right in the face!

Virgo Sun opposed by Chiron.
Can you forgive yourself for the vast, vast imperfection,
that is our birth right as much as anything else?

For damage done and harm lived out, as though there was no other way?
Can you forgive yourself for what you know, and what you just didn’t know?



Feelings that you do not let yourself experience hold you hostage.
We all know this,
that on some level, we are a prisoner to our un-lived life, or un-felt emotion.

When you finally feel, when you finally live,
all those years of prison can surely be enacted as vengeance against yourself,
and the life you did live, unless you can find a way to stop yourself.

This wants reading if Chiron is showing up for you.

Today, September 2, it’s the Dark of the Moon in Leo. We would like to enjoy it.
It may be possible.

Scorpio/Taurus Dylan Moran <3 Problems want solving, we look to the New Moon @ 13 Virgo on the 5th as not so purely a beginning, although they always are,
but as a complex corrective, with an undercurrent of psychological urgency or anger.

Support is there, yes.
It’s all quite real, not just ideas, but actual life events,
of which we have had so many.

It’s a reset that requires a little finesse.
Virgo is good at this, few can take beating as Virgo can,
and shrug it off, begin.

With Chiron opposing the Lunation, a new understanding is being forged,
it’s the shift to a more fluid perspective, acceptance, a Pisces specialty,
in the face of unusual/surprising (Uranus)
Facts/Situations ( Virgo, well supported by Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto).

The challenge inherent in the Lunation is to accept it all, to throw nothing away.
Virgo likes a tidy house and will chuck anything that does not fit in the box.
Chiron is asking is to see it all, to believe it all,
not as a victim, and not at your own expense,
but as a point of reality.
To integrate what has truly happened. To leave nothing out.

Then Move On, taking with you what you want to take,
clear eyed. a fresh start.

To get through today, I went to my Unholy Black Metal Song Name Generator (you have to scroll to the bottom of their page)

and I got just the song name I need:

Conquer a Hateful Northland For The Glory Of Blasphemic Hellfire

So I’ll be up to that…. but if you need me, I can be found…

Love YOU!!!


* you guessed it, Egon Schiele
no one is named Egon anymore…!

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4 Responses to Chiron, New Moon in Virgo 2013

  1. Tam says:

    You find the most amazing photos!

    Very 12th house feeling to the post. I imprison me sometimes. I had an epiphany today about why I love being in the house by myself. It’s because I can be my whole true self without any fear or judgement.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,

      Thanks! I love images!
      That makes perfect sense about being home alone, good metaphor too!

      I am def feeling the Neptune/12th house vibe in my life, stronger than ever! It confuses me. lololololol. Kidding!! xoxox

  2. B says:

    I spent an hour or so throwing my old self away in to the Atlantic on the September 2nd. Opening up to past wounds and forgiving myself about the way I have handled them. I love it when my body and mind move with the stars without a conscious choice on why I am engaged in ritual. This explains it. Thank you. XO!

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hey B,

    Thanks for writing! I appreciate it! The ocean is such a good place for that! <3 I always feel so understood by the waves. Is that funny to say? Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time. Much love,.

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