Catapults and Consequences, A game for the Holidays


It’s getting earthy out here!
Virgo Moon!

A dark thread of substance that runs through the wild white noise of expectation
and responsibility.

It somehow feels possible that the earth could crack open to a huge landslide,
and have half of everything taken away. It feels possible, because it is possible.
Doesn’t mean it will happen,
it means as we walk on the earth we feel the cracks, and they shift,
just enough to us moving. Don’t step there!

keep looking ahead? even as the past is catching up with you?

Not quite.
The past is present, but so is the future. Keep MOVING ahead,
AND let the past be present.
Not only ghosts and echos, but choices and chances… let it swirl right through.


Catapults and Consequences, a game for the Holidays:
Shooting ahead, while living in the midst of past choices.
It does get acute on Christmas, December 25th,
as the Moon moves to Libra and Parties with Mars.



Uranus/Pluto/Mars/Moon is accident central.
Jupiter, will aim for the best outcome,
but don’t put any extra danger in the mix.

Backhanded complements? Thinly veiled insults?
Gosh I hope not. Let it go.
Let people’s problems with you, be their problems.
You have some enjoying yourself to do!

tumblr_m56dxijf771rqtgddo1_1280 *

It’s truly impossible to overestimate the value of pleasure:
Add to your list of joys, the joy of not having to change a thing.
Of accepting it all as is.
perversely, that’s where change starts!

No need to defend against anything

Completely free.


Love YOU!!!



Today is the last day of Mercury in Sagittarius.
I’m going to miss it!!!

If you want a half price consult, you can book today, and use it laterz.
No prob. : )

Tomorrow we button our stiff upper lips, for Capricorn.
No matter, you can still talk to me anytime.

I’ll be off the blog more than on it, over the next few days,
but if you want to find me, just shoot me a line via email.
I will check!
If you are celebrating, have a lovely holiday.


Another big day?
You guessed it! The 31st! Happy New Year!!!
I’ll post all about it as we get close!


*Souther Salazar!!

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3 Responses to Catapults and Consequences, A game for the Holidays

  1. Janet says:

    Oo-er and brilliant too. And where did that last image come from. the one a little Chagall-ish but with a modern twist? – aha, the past and future dancing in the present.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Janet,
      Thanks! I linked the artist at the bottom of the page.I love him! You can find his work here:

      • Janet says:

        thank you! had a little difficulty at first but then the images appeared – lovely and inspiring , and I see a real UNDERSTANDER of cats, not just lover. very important! his (?) work reminds me of many others that i like too, and even a tiny bit of my own…your images are always great though – including the initial one today of the blacksmith I presume from this country (England), it looks like it anyway. sometimes this world wide wyrd web is the best, isn’t it 😉

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