Cardinal Grand Cross, Weekend Feb. 27, 2015




Crab Moon today & over the weekend.

That makes for a Cardinal Grand Cross
Venus and Mars in Aries headed for the South Node/Uranus
all square Pluto and the Moon in opposition.

Crab makes you feeeeeel it
you may not want to…

the past ripping out of your hands torn away, just as fabric is torn.
irreparable, or not without a scar.
the North Node in Libra suggests that the best way out is the fair one.


Not the most relaxing weekend, & I would say we have been here before….

But OH NO, we have not!

The backdrop has changed for the better, more flexibility.


Mercury in Aquarius is a key player,
not that he is flexible! HELLS NO! Aquarius is a fixed sign!
Innovative tho, and ready to become the future.

It’s that Saturn ruled by Jupiter that is giving more than one way out.
Do the work, and your team may step up for the assist.

What is the rule to live by?

Ever Onward.

Seismic Shifts?
You bet your life.
They can’t, they won’t, they don’t stop.

WHUT?! Whatever
. Give yourself a little freedom where you need it.
No one to hold you back, alliances to move you ahead.

It’s a flow as needed basis.

Our Sun/Neptune/Chiron in Pisces is going to help with this.
Letting solutions appear, or allowing imperfections to improve.

Pisces + LEO Jupiter suggests you dress for the part you’ll play.
Fantasy is a legit strategy for coping…
as long as you don’t believe your own press.

Dazzle dazzle, eyes on the ball.

It’s all about the bottom line, which is sort of unpredictable at the moment.
Best life skill au courant: Roll With It.


February isn’t over, but our March of AWE begins NOW.
Who expects to be surrounded by eggshells having made nothing but omelets for days?

a little something for the Crab Moon under pressure:

you gotta eat!

Love YOU!!!!!


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  1. Colleen says:

    March of OW! more like. 😛

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