Cardinal Grand Cross, December 18, 2013


Cardinal Grand Cross today.
Plenty of people put their foot in it yesterday.
and YET, there were/are things that needed to be said, no question.

Better have it out in the open, than a oozing yellow wound under wraps.
Gross!!! I mean…
Pluto is Gross, and today is a Cardinal Grand Cross.

Jupiter takes care of the Moon,
it may feel like getting a kiss on a boo boo.

Does it still hurt?

G*damn right it does! But it’s nice to be kissed.

Mars in Libra ensures the friction,
It’s when you don’t want to have to say something about what is happening,
(because you already know what they don’t want to hear…)
that whatev it is, becomes ever more endlessly awkward to handle.

Out with it!

Mercury in Sagittarius Still.
No bending the social rules, but direct communiques?
Yes. Expect peeps to be sensitive! Sigh
Crabby Moon.

howevez, there are not that many options,
the truth being not only the top choice, but, the best one.


It’s simple, err, it get’s complex if you think on it…
No. It is simple, it’s just neither pretty nor predictable.

These here are the punches we are supposed to roll with.

<3Marva! don't get wound too tight. The more things you cross off your list, the better you feel. Action is underrated. remembz tho, just say no to overt war. Stealth war, war of coercion. Daily Dose of Mars in Libra? Hells Yes! It’s a politeness competition!

Love YOU!!!!



Half Price Mercury in Sagittarius SuperSpecial is ON ’till the 23rd!

Venus in Cap, stations retrograde on December 21st.

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