Cardinal Cross, Venus in Pisces, Merc in Aries, Eclipse! April 2014


On the 5th of April, Venus entered Pisces.
On the 7th of April Mercury entered Aries,

Venus in Pisces shares
but she is also lonely, impersonal, a visionary lover.
Solitude that’s her place,
Or maybe she is dancing, drinking in sensation,
not aligned to any one lover, instead, open to all

Mercury in Aries is an original thinker.
A Hero, Honesty, a letter written in ALL CAPS!
Competition! He enjoys kicking a wasp nest as much as anyone,
In Aries, Mercury fights for the joy of it.
Fortune favors the bold!

Sharp words and a kind heart.

Aries Mercury speaks without thinking, be aware.
It’s mostly Earth that’s missing right now,
& the Air we have is dispassionate, but not detached.
we have Water, and we have Fire, here comes the steam.

Is it hard to see in heat of the steam-room?
A little*

Watch as Jupiter opens doors for Venus,

Venus takes her place in exaltation, to co-mingle with Neptune and Chiron.
Passive individual allure, mystery attracts.
Venus in Pisces wants love, money, pleasure, art, but not to keep.
Rather, she is in it for the experience,
kindness offered with an open hand.
Jupiter in Crab is a gardener, who loves to see each flower grow.

Wide open perspective and generosity are rewarded,
Jupiter startles awake (uranus) a lucky chance.
as beauty (venus) brings opportunities that could otherwise be missed.
Jupiter co-rules Pisces, right alongside Neptune.

NGS Picture ID:581937

In Pisces, Venus will sacrifice.
Ruled by Jupiter in Crab, that sacrifice will not be death,
as it might be, if ruled by Scorpio.

a mountain spring, or holy water,
something that disperses inside you, an ethereal life giving quality

Crab and Pisces, Devotion and Acceptance.
Freedom is involved in this,
the freedom to let go, as the river branches,
as someone makes their own mistakes,
or pick them up when they fall.

The more responsibility you take for your place in your life at the moment,
the more control you have, the better you feel.
It’s a mix of owning your life, while accepting that so much is out of your hands
when the wave comes,
we float like a bubble on the curve

Still breathing,
as long as you are reading this, breath is blessing you with consciousness,
and in that consciousness there is an opening to a new world.


Venus in Pisces asks us to allow things to happen.

To make room for the unforeseen positive outcome,
for possibility

to not abandon our humanity as we deal with a ruthless, unforgiving and unstable bottom line

This week the Full Moon we are building towards on April 14/15th is
a Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra.**

First come the endings
Count it as active now.
can there be a beginning mixed in? yes, naturally, some endings are like that

Actions with unexpected consequence,
reality is always a surprise no matter how far away you see it coming.

Words with a knife edge of finality will be spoken.

Forgiveness is a easy word to say, a hard one to learn,
I was well grown before I knew anything about it.
If you need a shortcut, try this:
if something is hurting you, if something wants to leave, LET GO.

Internal triggers pressed by events NOW
Things Change.


On April 28/29th, we begin a story that plays out for 6months,
& in many cases much longer: New Moon Eclipse.

Love YOU!!!


I’ll be writing more & make some movies about the Eclipses!
Oh Yes I will!!!

*~Surfers have the odd habit of saying “I drowned” when they mean “I almost drowned.” Drowning, after all, feels like almost drowning until it feels like nothing. When I ask Dollar to explain the sensation of almost drowning, his answer, and the way he holds his face as he says it, makes me feel that the question is an intrusive one. “It’s just depressing and lonely,” he says, not making eye contact. “The lights start turning off, literally. It blinks in your mind and goes black. Pretty soon, it’s just lights out and you’re done.” He pauses awkwardly. “It’s really fucking weird.”

Surf contests might be the strangest of all athletic competitions.They’re not fair, and they can’t be. Each wave presents a different set of challenges, and depending on how many happen to break during a heat — and on a surfer’s own tenacity — he might catch one or five or none…He can take off on as many or as few as he likes, and often there are multiple men to a wave.
… Getting barreled (traveling as the wave curls above you, creating a tunnel) is objectively the most impressive feat in surfing, and it is always the thing that nonsurfers assume must just be an optical illusion. When Skindog finally emerges, he’s still standing. The crowd cheers.
Skindog’s wave is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Or insane. Or a slow, silent what the fuck. Such a big wave produces such a crude reaction that there’s really no need for more precise vocabulary. Maybe surfers talk the way they do because they’re used to being amazed, and that carries over into their ordinary interactions. This wave does not inspire nuanced feelings in me. Basically, I’m just like, dude.~ -Alice Gregory

**Visible in in much of North and South America!


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6 Responses to Cardinal Cross, Venus in Pisces, Merc in Aries, Eclipse! April 2014

  1. Sabina says:

    Gee, I never knew Jupiter in Crab loved to see each flower grow, but I do and I have Jupiter (cj Uranus) in Crab! I was living in a very pretty small town by the ocean and mountains and someone had pasted little tiny notes in unexpected places and they all said, ‘Love every little thing’, and it was so perfect cuz it’s true, we should, and it’s all perfect when you do.
    I almost drowned once when I was a child. The adults were preoccupied and we were on the wild Atlantic side of a tiny island near the equator. Suddenly the sea grabbed hold of me and I could not escape the outdrawing barrel created by a wave that may have travelled all the way from Africa. I struggled briefly and then somehow realized that by letting go, the sea would surely spit me back to the shore. And so it did and I emerged, bruised and breathless – and unremarked by those other worldly adults – and secretly treasure the experience. There are other brushes with death I’ve had but those involve the the unnatural acts of men and I do not count them as precious memories.
    Shipboard as an infant, my first word was ‘water’. I am an earthbound earth-loving Virgo but I could spend the rest of my life wandering a beach alone.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sabina,

      Thanks for writing! I completely relate to your experience, I had a very similar one as a child. The visceral knowledge of both the absolute power of the ocean, and a sense of trust, that it won’t hurt me. The ocean is the best place! Also, I love those notes! What a beautiful surprise! xo

  2. connelly567 says:

    The lunar eclipse on April 15th is at 25 degrees Libra. Natal, I have 23 degree Sun in 11th house Libra and 23 degree Jupiter in second house Capricorn. I have a feeling it’s time to be quiet, be cautious and be surprised. This month has me nervous although I think the Decan 2 Libras will be more affected than those of us who are Decan 3.

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hey connelly567,

    With your Sun and Jupiter @ 23 degrees Libra and Cap, you will def. be feeling the eclipse!It’s not necessarily bad news, but it does look to be high impact. With the North Node so close to the Moon, it does have a bit of a grab you by the lapels and pull you over the finish line/starting line, wait no, finish line, feel. The end of so much and the beginning of what’s next. xo

  4. connelly567 says:


    Thanks for the remarks and I see it as a good thing: “the end of so much”, this Libra could write a book since the start of the Pluto-Uranus Squares, 2nd Saturn Return, Saturn in Libra, Saturn in the 12th and of Course, Grand Cardinal Crosses and Trines. But, I survived and your posts are a great road map.

    • o_lightning says:

      Thank you connelly567, Keep on keeping on! The people we are becoming through this experience! Just wow! Bravo!!! xo

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