April Cardinal Cross, Lunar Eclipse in Libra 2014

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There is so much to say, I can hardly seem to say it.
It’s quite a thing to live this astrology…
But you know ALLLLL about that, just as well as I do.
Could we be like doctors ~First do no harm~ ?


I don’t think it’s going to be that simple…

A swirl of activity, no rest for the restless.
Can you sleep?
Or is sleep an easy out, climb aboard and let dreamland find you…
The surreal marries the banal, and has so many mismatched babies.

Keep juggling and don’t put that glass down either.
Are you holding your breath?

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As we move through April, remember that this change is a process, not fully encapsulated in any one single day.
A 2 year culmination ?
We can trace these threads to 2008

and yet, and yet…Crisis Calling!!!
If not Crisis, then surely Crossroads has dialed you up & would like to have a word.

Lunar Eclipse, Pluto Station Retro, Cardinal Grand Cross Exact, Solar Eclipse.
There is something for everyone!
Time is speeding up! How many things can happen how fast?

Before and After
some things will end

When I think about our Eclipses
I remind myself that they are Venus ruled
& that Venus is in the place she likes best.

Venus = Value(s) Relationships (Libra) & Resources (Taurus)
Key words for Pisces?
intuition, fantasy, compassion, letting go


On our April 14/15th Lunar Eclipse in Libra:
Mercury conjuncts Uranus in the Grand Cross Configuration =
Surprise Message

Are we walking into a trap!?
It hardly seems subtle enough, more like an ambush


Something that turns us upside down or slips the ground we stand on sideways.
We get news! Pallas in LEO trines the Sun, & sextiles the Moon & North Node.
Recognition: we will have an acute analysis & likely we don’t keep quiet.

In the chaos of becoming, in the midst of everyone else becoming too…
Will we know which chance to take?…. well we might actually

Universe style course corrections are the norm,
this doesn’t mean you take what you are given.
It means the big picture parameters will be set by the hand of god.

It’s up to you to re-frame,
to translate your experience
into something workable for you, and negotiate from there.

Pisces, remember, flexibility, charm

Trust yourself
Open the door to higher guidance
What does the most relaxed version of yourself have to offer this scenario?
What would you say if you were feeling FREE?

Make it a rule to take excellent care of your body so far as you are able.
Have sex as often as possible, yes really! It’s all about the release.
What you want, is to keep your conduit to pleasure open.
Venus in Pisces insists.

Compassion, Altruism, Allure, Acceptance, Kind clever words, $!,
Friends, Family, Favors Owed:

what resources do you have?

Faith & Hope, Strongest & Best
Jupiter and Venus can give you the confidence to go on and not give up,
To keep opening doors and asking questions,
Follow through, could be that’s what it takes.

Can you do that while being pulled in all directions and squeezed through the eye of a needle?

don’t worry about it, you already are


you can operate from a place where your heart feels open,
a place where you feel internally relaxed, despite external circumstance

Could this Full Moon deliver a dose of disillusionment?
When illusions are leaving, freedom is close at hand.

Venus has the final word here:
What do you like?
What (whom) do you want?
All in? Or out?

Relationships are the main feature of the story,
(& not only romantic relationships, friends and enemies count!)
A dramatic solution presents itself…
but you don’t have to bite like a fish on a hook.
As ever, key word for Libra:


Venus/Chiron/Neptune trine Jupiter looks like using your individuality as a conduit
for expanding your life, opening to a new outcome.

Work it through.
Pluto turns retrograde on the 14th.
We won’t be finished until every stone is turned over,
but you don’t have to turn them all yourself.

~Like this, he took the edge of the turf beside me and pulled it…he clothed himself in this and in the land that lay below. And as crumbs fall from a coat as you move it, the falls, the lake, and the green valleys beyond were spilled downward and tipped away toward the sea. With the land rolling and ruined…The River was tipped and spilled even after this, until it ran as a thread which thread became a thousand streams, as many as the threads of my weaving. And the land was a new shape. Only then was my grandfather satisfied.~ Diana Wynne Jones

Love YOU!!!


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